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Tri-State Kennels is your source for healthy happy puppies in the NY Tri-state area! 
If you're looking for the best place to find your newest pet puppy, you're exactly where you should be! Here at Tri-State Kennel Club, we offer an outstanding selection of healthy, high quality, pure bred puppies you're sure to love, to welcome into your home, and heart.

We are a home-based practice located in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. As trusted professional licensed breeders, we offer puppies for sale. Tri-State Kennels Club NYC, has absolutely lovable purebred Labrador pups, Boston Terrier pups, Boxers, Soft Coated-Wheaton Terriers, and others. 

Our puppies are bred and raised to be very healthy and have wonderful personalities. They are given plenty of fresh air, and unlike a pet store, they are not exposed to hundreds of people every day.  So, if you are looking, Tri-State Kennels Club offers the best dog breeds. There's really no need to look anywhere else. 

Tri-State Kennels is not a Pet Shop!
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All our pups have pedigree and registration papers.  They are thoroughly evaluated by a licensed veterinarian, and come with a health certificate, and a complete record of all the medicines.

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